MacArthur Park / Westlake, Los Angeles, CA, July 12, 2014.

Omar and Olga


bunny on Alvarado & 11th

Photos of People by Kevin Donis


I took photos of people.  I took photos of children who were laughing and playing in MacArthur Park.  I did this because people can save other people.  My favorite part was when I was playing in the park.  People save the community. 

Leslie Sedano


I took photos of MacArthur Park in Los Angeles of fish and birds and some trees, also some houses and some apartments.

I took these photos because I like animals and trees and apartments and the house where I live.

My favorite part was when I took a picture of birds because there were…


Here’s a few samples from our 7,500 mile roadtrip to filming locations across Northern America. We sceneframed dozens of tv shows and movies and will be posting more soon!

  1. The Avengers: Bethesda Terrace, New York, NY, USA (map)
  2. The Walking Dead: The Goat Farm, Atlanta, GA, USA (map)
  3. Supernatural: Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC, Canada (map)
  4. Breaking Bad: Twisters, Albuquerque, NM, USA (map)
  5. Drive: MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA, USA (map)
  6. Doctor Who: Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell, UT, USA (map)
  7. 12 Years A Slave: Felicity Plantation, New Orleans, LA, USA (map)
  8. Smallville: Templeton Secondary School, Vancouver, BC, Canada (map)
  9. Once Upon A Time: Moncton St, Steveston, BC, Canada (map)
  10. Glee: Bow Bridge, New York, NY, USA (map)

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Salute to these Ugandans who just held their first Pride parade. In Uganda, the punishment for being homosexual is death.

My Jeannot,           Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having saved me. I was drowning and you threw yourself into the water without hesitation, without a backward look. What is admirable about it is that all this cost you dear and you wouldn’t have done it if the impulse hadn’t been sincere. So you have given me a proof of strength, a proof that all the lessons of our work have borne fruit. In love you can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hounds and there is no such thing as a small love. You tended to believe in André’s [André Goudin, Jean Cocteau’s secretary] system: “One collects a face”, etc. That’s wrong. Love is Tristan and Isolde. Tristan is unfaithful to Isolde and it kills him. In just one minute you understood that our love couldn’t be weighed against a sort of regret, a sort of baseless sorrow. I shall never forget those two days and that terrible 14th of July when I tempted fate and when I didn’t know where to live anymore. We shall find our island of love again and our factory for the production of beautiful works of art. I adore you.           Write me two lines. Your short letters are my fetishes.                     Jean
May I ask one little nonsense of you? For me waiting is like an illness. If you get in late, just telephone – a short phone call so that I hear your voice.
Jean Cocteau- Letter to Jean Marais

Space Needle - Seattle, Washington


The Lycée Français Mission Laïque in Beirut by Michel Écochard in 1959. The building was one of the first introductions of modernism to the Middle East. The building uses International Style vocabulary and clings to the hill recalling traditional Levantine villages. Each building is different to the needs of each age level. The youngest age level is taught in a bungalow and as the children age, the classrooms become more office like, introducing them to adult life.

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This map shows the neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.